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Location:Port of Long Beach, CA
Client:Pipeline and Terminal Operator
Project Type:Pipeline Interconnections and Metering
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Project Description:

SPEC Services assisted in developing the work scope and defining the capabilities of a system that connected four separate pipeline systems through an automated valve manifold. This project significantly increased the flexibility of their pipeline systems and, by doing so, gained the added benefit of increasing the ship off loading rate.

SPEC Services provided initial support for the project by performing the front end engineering and design work with related development of a preliminary TIC cost estimate for the project. The study included preliminary hydraulic studies to determine flow rates and pressures for the primary pipeline movements intended for the system. Once the project was given the go ahead, pipeline hydraulics and surge studies were conducted for all possible pipeline movements that the combined systems are capable of. The primary modifications for the systems consisted of the installation of 8 beam ultrasonic meters for line balance, remotely operated block valves to control the direction of flow, and modifications/additions to the SCADA system.

The area in which the ultrasonic meters and valves were constructed was challenging. The project was located adjacent to an active ship unloading facility and built in an area subject to liquefaction and high groundwater levels. Soil mitigation at the site consisted of driven piles, and tie-ins to the pipeline systems needed to account for shoring, trench de-watering, water collection, treatment, and disposal.

The project included automated valve manifolds that connect and distribute crude oil and black oil through the pipeline system mentioned above. It also included ultrasonic pipeline metering on two of the pipelines to provide line balance for the system, a new SCADA system at the site, modifications to the existing SCADA system, and communication with the SCADA control center.

SPEC Services activities included the initial feasibility study and cost estimate for the project, preliminary engineering and design (all disciplines), detailed engineering and design (all disciplines), equipment and construction specifications, procurement, permitting, construction support, and system commissioning support.