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Location:Santa Clara Valley, CA
Client:Oil & Gas Producer
Project Type:Power System Documentation
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Project Description:

This project required developing Facility Technical Information (FTI) drawings and documentation for this gas plant. This facility processes gas from oil and gas production fields in the Santa Clara Valley. The project scope involved documenting existing as-built conditions at the gas plant facility and developing accurate facility Area Classification Plans, Surface Facility Plans & Single Line Diagram drawings.

The first phase of the project involved researching and gathering existing facility plan drawings, process area drawings, electrical distribution system drawings, and P&ID’s. The second phase of the project involved field investigation to document the overall facility layout and as-built existing electrical distribution systems and equipment locations. Hydrocarbon sources were located per the P&ID’s for development of the area classification plans. Operations and maintenance personnel were consulted to verify status of existing equipment and processes. The gas plant facility and related electrical distribution systems were photographed to document existing field conditions. After completion of the field investigation phase the area classification plans, surface facility plans, and single line diagrams were developed for the complete facility. A meeting was conducted with the client engineering staff to review all project drawings developed and to review any potential code compliance issues for the facility. A follow-up QA/QC site visit was then conducted to confirm the accuracy of the area classification plans, surface facility plans, and single line diagram drawings developed for this project. As part of the project close-out the drawings were reviewed with the client engineering staff for final approval and issued to the client document control department as facility record drawings.