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Project Type:Carbon Dioxide Pipeline System
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Project Description:

SPEC projects include assisting clients with planning and engineering for transportation and sequestration of carbon dioxide. Transportation methods assessed include via pipeline, rail, and truck. With a long history of developing effective solutions and systems to transport a wide variety of hazardous gases and liquids, SPEC is able to assist with any CO2 transportation project from front-end planning through detailed design.

Most of the CO2 projects in recent years are confidential. Typical project experience includes:

• 3-mile, 10-inch vapor phase CO2 pipeline through refineries and industrial area

• Preliminary assessment of trucking, unloading, on-site storage, and high pressure injection of CO2

• Development of alternative pipeline routes, primarily for dense phase CO2 transportation, including preliminary hazards assessment, cost estimating, permit identification, and project scheduling

• Planning and technical assessment of feasibility to convert existing pipelines to vapor phase CO2 service