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Natural Gas Systems Engineering and Project Services

SPEC Services provides planning, engineering, procurement, and project management services for natural gas production, processing, transportation, and distribution/ delivery systems, from the wellhead to the end user. Natural gas system clients include natural gas producers, gas utilities, gas transmission companies, gas compressor packagers, gas-turbine power generation companies, LNG production and trading companies, and CNG fueling system companies. Services provided are based on the needs of the client, and range from the preliminary assessment or study through development and engineering design of complete new systems.

For natural gas producers, projects involve production manifolds, gathering systems, compression, gas processing, dehydration, condensate handling, relief systems, metering and controls. Highlighting our comprehensive compressor system expertise, SPEC provided engineering and project management services to one gas producing company for the specification, selection, design supervision, coordination of installation, and supervision of checkout and commissioning for 12 engine-driven and 30 electric motor-driven reciprocating, centrifugal and screw compressors totaling nearly 65,000 horsepower.

For gas utilities and gas transmission companies, projects involve pipelines for transmission and distribution, valve and pressure regulation stations, compressor stations and facilities, injection/withdrawal/dehydration systems for storage fields, metering, automation, and controls. This work has included gas pipeline design and/or hydrotest planning for hundreds of miles of gas transmission and distribution pipelines.

For LNG trading companies, SPEC assisted in the feasibility studies and planning for the installation of multiple LNG import and gasification systems considered for the west coast, prior to the expansion of domestic gas production. For LNG production companies, SPEC has supported the engineering and design of liquefaction facilities, providing electrical and control engineering and design and supporting civil, utilities, and fire system designs.

SPEC is also the prime engineering contractor for a team developing CNG fueling stations in southern California.